Gimp-scripting Example settings
This shows the testfile (100 layers) with opacity fading, linear without compression. This shows the testfile (100 layers) with opacity fading, with compression set, compression factor 1. It's also possible to expand instead of compressing.
1. Example settings (independant layers):
(for the compressed example you must change the parameters 'Startcurve compression-factor' and 'Endcurve compression-factor' from '0' to '1' and the parameters 'Startrange' and 'Endrange' from '0' to '50'. You can also set them independantly from each other, as long as Startrange and Endrange together don't exceed the number of your layers)
2. Example setting for subgroup-processing:
This is another example for a setting when working on layer-subgroups; it changes opacitymode for the subgroup-layers 6,7,8, sets a fixed opacity value, and repeats these settings for layer 17,18,19, and then 28,29,30 and so on throughout all layers. Experimentate with the testfile, which is included in the download archive.
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